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Lassen Outerwear Co.

about this project:

This was a logo project devoted to creating a simple logo from a realistic animal. The goal was to learn how to simplify complicated imagery and make a scalable logo while pairing successful typography. 



I started by deciding I wanted to do a logo for a made-up company that focused on the outdoors. My company was going to represent outdoor equipment with a bold look. I sketched out some bears in order for me to understand their anatomy and features. I chose a bear to represent my company because a bear is dominant and a force of nature in all kinds of weather. These attributes were similar to my made up company.  


After I got my sketches done of the bear, it was time to digitize and simplify the logo mark.

adding typography

Experimenting with different typography was important to finding the right look and feel of the logo. After finding a typeface I liked, I tried several arrangements before deciding the final logo.

the final design: