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Intentions Poster

about this project:

This was a poster project collaboration with NIU Theater & Dance for the studio show Intentions by Abbey Fenbert. The goal of this poster was to communicate the play through type and imagery. One of the constraints in my prompt was to create a relationship of inversion between the typography and the image. Inversion is where the typography becomes part of the image and the image becomes part of the typography.



In order to fully understand the play, I knew I was going to need to read the play and watch the actors perform it. I needed to get a sense of what the play was about, it’s tone, and what the entire message of the play was. I read the entire script and attended a rehearsal. It was there that I really was able to understand the play and start to visualize it. 


After collecting my notes, I started to think about how to represent this play. Intentions about five young people living in today’s modern society. They are active participants in the permaculture lifestyle and care greatly about sustainability. One of the characters seems to be the epitome of permaculture, but upon some self discovery, she starts to question if this was the lifestyle meant for her. I realized I wanted to convey this through bees, a common symbol throughout the play. 


Have you ever been laying in bed and suddenly have a eureka moment where something just comes out of no where? That’s exactly what happened to me when I came up with this idea. I was laying in bed thinking about how I was going to illustrate these bees. Since I live in Illinois where it’s cold two thirds of the year, photography was not an option for this one. So I thought, why not carve a rubber stamp? It was going to give the bees the organic texture I was looking for.

the final design: