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Endangered America

about this project:

When most people think about endangered species, they usually don’t think about the endangered species in their own back yard. The hypothetical brand  “Endangered America” is focused on bringing awareness and action for the endangered species that live within someone’s area. The goal of this brand is to provide people with the online resources to learn about endangered species in their area and the resources to plant native plants that would help benefit those endangered species. 

the website:

Designed with users in mind, this website was made to help people find endangered species in their area and to learn information on these species. Users are able to sort by state and then filter out the different types of species to find what they want to learn about.

The website also includes a place where people can order a kit that will match them to native plants in their area. Native plants have many benefits, including helping endangered species thrive. When a user finishes answering all the questions, they are matched with plants that have the best chance of surviving based on where the user is planting them within their yard or space.


the kit:

After learning about a species in their area, it’s important to give a user the tools they need to make a lasting impact on endangered species.  Just add dirt, and this kit is ready to help transform an average yard into a place that supports all kinds of nature!

the box:

seed packaging:


other items in the kit: