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DeKalb Iron and Metal Logo


about this project:

This was a logo refresh project of a preexisting business in DeKalb, Illinois. The goal of the project was to encourage purposeful design within logos. 



I started off with some initial research in the company. In order for me to create a logo that effectively represents their business, I needed to understand who they were and what they did for the community. DeKalb Iron and Metal is a recycling plant that does large scale recycling. Their original logo was quite complicated and wasn’t very scalable. The text was also integrated into the mark, so you couldn’t have just the text or just the mark.

(the original logo)


After I had finished the research and some brainstorming about the logo, I moved into a sketching phase where I started to try and visually represent the attributes I had come up with DeKalb Iron and Metal. Small and quick sketches allowed me to start working out initial ideas and exploring new options for the logo.

digitizing and finalizing

After sketching was finished, I started to finalize the mark and the typography. I settled on the mark that resembled a Phillips head screw. The arrows within the screw head shape represent recycling while the Phillips head screw represents the metal that this company specializes in. It made sense to combine both symbols to create this hybrid mark. After I had finished the mark, I started to use color and typography to give the logo a unique and professional feel.

the final design: